Sonoma, CA

Property Inspections for the Sonoma, CA Area

Sonoma is a city in northern California known for its wine making. Around 10,900 people reside here and every year many visitors are attracted to the area to visit the beautiful wineries. The warm weather year-round makes Sonoma a perfect place to live as well as a perfect location for grape crops. 

Rely on Our Home Inspector When Buying &  Selling Property

Are you planning to make Sonoma, CA your new home? 

After you have found the perfect house, it is important to have your home professionally inspected to give you peace of mind for years to come. Knowing that there aren’t any structural problems or potential issues will help put your mind at ease and make the decision process easier when you are house hunting. When our home inspectors come to your property or potential property, we will prepare a detailed inspection report and jot down any details that we find. This can help you negotiate a better price with the seller, or determine certain terms.
Are you planning on selling your home in the Sonoma, CA area? 

By hiring a home inspector before you put your house on the market you can get help finding things that need to be fixed, changed, or repaired to help bring your asking price up as well as negotiate a fair transaction. Maybe a previous owner did some home improvements that are not up to code. We can help discover these and make recommendations that could help achieve a quick sale. We will give you a detailed report based on the home inspection the can help influence the terms of the sale or the price. 

Whether you are selling a home or buying a home, our home inspectors are ready to get started. Call us today or request an inspection online. 
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